SF Studios is the leading distributor of films and TV-series to the Nordic countries. We offer rights holders the most complete distribution network on the Nordic market, including cinemas in four countries, television and home entertainment platforms.

Our expertise lies in finding, marketing and distributingqualitative film and television productions with great potential to reach a broad audience in the Nordic countries. While always broadening our horizons, our key strengths are local productions, international films and children’s content.

Still from the James Bond movie, Spectre



We have great experience in finding projects from independent producers with a great potential to reach audiences in the Nordic countries.

To even better satisfy the market’s demands for well-crafted local content, we are engaged in close collaborations and out-put deals with some of the most successful production companies in the Nordic region. This gives us the advantage of being part of the complete process from financing and development to the premiere, which is an important part of our ongoing strategy.


SF Studios has output agreements with some of the most successful production companies in the Nordics like FLX in Sweden, where SF Studios became the majority shareholder in 2019, Creative Alliance and Fridthjof Film in Danmark; Yellow Film & TV, Helsinki Filmi and Cinematik in Finland; Cinenord and Amacord/Oslo Pictures in Norway and Miso Film in all Nordic markets. SF Studios also acquired the Norwegian production company Paradox in 2018 and is a partner of the Norwegian production Filmkameratene and Motion Blur.

This kind of partnership firmly secures SF Studio’s role as the Nordic major and Europe’s most interesting studio.


SF International Sales markets and sells feature films and TV productions in different formats, genres and target groups to all media, both physical and digital, outside the Nordic Countries.

SF International have a strong long-standing presence at major international film and TV markets and festivals such as European Film Market, Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Int’l Film Festival, MipCOM, American Film Market, Busan IFF - Asian Film Market, New Nordic Films & Nordic Film Market. In addition, we also do targeted sales trips worldwide.


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Bamse and his friends, Heavy Water battle,


Through the years, we have hand-picked international films on the independent market that have resonated with local audiences and that have achieved universal critical acclaim. Many of them have been conferred the most prestigious global film awards.

In brief: we ensure that the right international productions reach the right Nordic audience at the right moment and through the right media platforms. 

To broaden our horizons, we signed new agreement with French producer and distributor StudioCanal in 2014, a company whose strong brand, incredibly exciting line-up and ambitious production department exemplify how to work in the future. Our output agreement means that we distribute StudioCanal’s films in the Nordic market.

In 2015, SF Studios signed an output agreement with US based studio STX Entertainment. STX was founded in 2014 and is one of the most interesting studio companies in Hollywood, producing and distributing high quality and commercial content for traditional as well as digital platforms.


We have a long term relationship with US majors Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony distributing to cinemas, Home Entertainment and digital streaming services in all the Nordic countries.


SF Studios Home Entertainment deals with Nordic rights for international and local television productions. Working closely with producers and distributors, we build general knowledge and popularity for the brands we engage in, paving the way for wide distribution as well as additional revenue streams.

Home Entertainment rights include Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD), Electronic Sell-through (EST), DVD, Blu-ray and any future digital physical formats that may appear on the market.  

Our focus is mainly strong, high quality TV series particularly within the drama, classical drama, crime, fantasy and comedy genre as well as well-crafted documentaries.


Since many years, the SF Studios brand is also a mark of quality when it comes to children’s entertainment– we are well known and trusted by producers and distributors as well as the general public.

Today, we use our strong background in children’s entertainment, our in-depth knowledge about the local market and our informed understanding of the contemporary media landscape to ensure that our products reach new generations of young audiences in the Nordic countries. As part of this, we launched SF Kids, a SVOD service for children, in 2016.